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Proving negligence in your accident case

On Behalf of | Jan 6, 2023 | Personal Injury

When you experience an accident, be it a motor vehicle accident, a slip and fall or even a product malfunction, it may feel easy to point the finger as to who to blame. However, there is a bit more to proving negligence than that.

It is important to understand what goes into proving negligence so that you know what documentation and evidence you need to make your case.

Accident data

According to the Department of Law & Public Safety, New Jersey had 654 fatal accidents resulting in 698 deaths near the end of 2022. That only includes accidents that are fatal, you can imagine there are many more involving non-lethal injuries. Other possible causes of injury add more to the number of potential cases. Each must meet certain criteria to involve negligence.

Negligence 101

There are four things a negligence case commonly involves:

  • A legal duty of care
  • A breach of said duty
  • Causation
  • Negligent damages

In a motor vehicle accident, a negligent driver is someone who had a duty to follow the rules of the road and broke the rules. More than that, breaking those rules directly resulted in an accident that caused damage to victims. Documentation like witness reports, photographs or testimony may all provide evidence to prove any one of these elements.

No matter what your accident entails, if you have the means to show that one party was negligent, there may be options to recover compensation. There is more information and resources to help explore your unique accident case.