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Drunk Driving Lawyers in Burlington

Even after people see what drunk driving can do to another human’s life, they continue to put others at risk and get behind the wheel. According to the most recent Burlington County census, the percentage of fatal accidents caused by drunk drivers is higher in Burlington County than the rest of the state. If you have been involved in a drunk driving accident or you know someone that has passed away due to getting in an accident with a drunk driver, a practiced Burlington county drunk driving injury lawyer can assist you.

At Smith Magram Michaud and Colonna, P.C. we have zero tolerance for drunk driving. Our experienced attorneys are eager to help you recover from the damages you’ve suffered due to a drunk driver.

Some of the issues our clients have had to deal with because of a drunk driving accident include:

· Bodily Injuries

· Rehabilitation

· Pain and Suffering

· Lost Wages

· Medical Expenses

· Other

Here at Smith Magram Michaud Colonna, P.C. we understand that a complicated case is the last thing you want to deal with as you are nursing yourself back to health. With a local clientele focus, we will give you the attention larger firms neglect to give and do everything in our power to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.

Tips For Avoiding Drunk Drivers in New Jersey

There are many steps people in New Jersey can take to protect themselves and other individuals from drunk drivers. These include recognizing drunk drivers, reporting them, driving defensively and avoiding times and places when people are more likely to be driving drunk.

A person may identify a drunk driver who is drinking behind the wheel, but there are other indications that someone may be under the influence. These include weaving, driving too slowly, driving on the wrong side of the road, stopping abruptly, inappropriate signals and slow reactions. A person who notices these and other dangerous actions should note as many identifying elements of the vehicle as possible, including the color, make, model and license number. These details, along with the driver’s location, should be reported to law enforcement as soon as possible. An individual should not make an effort to follow or stop a drunk driver.

Drivers should take defensive steps if necessary. They should be prepared to react quickly and keep their distance from the car. If the driver is headed toward them, they should move to the right, stop the car and use their horn and lights. Staying off rural roads and four-lane highways and not driving after midnight may reduce the likelihood of encountering a drunk driver.

Car accidents that are caused by people who were under the influence of drugs or alcohol, fell asleep at the wheel or were distracted can lead to serious injuries. The insurance company of the driver who causes the accident is supposed to pay compensation to the injured people, but the process of obtaining compensation is not always straightforward. The responsible driver might be underinsured. For some injuries, such as whiplash and traumatic brain injury, symptoms might be delayed, and an insurance company might try to deny that the injury is linked to the accident.

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