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Burlington Snow And Ice Accident Attorneys

Winter in New Jersey brings the slick hazards of black ice, sidewalk slush and puddles of melted snow. When these unsafe conditions result in a serious slip-and-fall accident, business proprietors or third parties may be liable for your injuries and losses.

The personal injury firm of Smith Magram Michaud Colonna, P.C., has helped hundreds of clients recover compensation for snow and ice accidents. Serving Burlington County, Camden County and South Jersey since 1965, we welcome premises liability cases both big and small.

We offer a free initial consultation, and our attorneys can arrange a home or hospital visit if your injuries prevent traveling to our office. Call us toll free at 609-589-0649 to discuss your possible claims.

Slip-And-Fall Injury From Failure To Address Ice Or Snow

Any commercial enterprise open for business has an ongoing obligation to keep surfaces clear and safe for foot traffic. In winter, this may include plowing parking lots or shoveling sidewalks in a timely manner, salting icy walkways or steps, placing mats in entryways, mopping up puddles and/or putting out caution signs.

Despite an evident safety hazard, however, it is not always clear who was derelict in their duty. Many businesses lease their space, and in turn commercial property owners may contract with property management companies or snow removal services. When someone gets injured, store owners, landlords, property managers, third-party contractors and insurance companies commonly point the finger at each other.

Our experienced lawyers cut through the confusion to identify which party (or multiple parties) can and should be held accountable. We investigate diligently to determine if the owners/managers failed to take appropriate actions and precautions. (How long did the accumulated snow sit there? Were neighboring properties in safe condition?)

We can evaluate any injury resulting from falling on ice or tracing to snowy/icy conditions:

  • Black ice or crusted snow on walkways
  • Snowdrifts and high snowbanks
  • Tripping hazards obscured by snow (potholes, uneven pavement)
  • Floors or stairs slick with water or slush
  • Pedestrian injuries and parking lot collisions

Experienced Representation In Premises Liability Claims

We welcome cases of major or minor injuries, from a sprained ankle or back strain to a fractured wrist, broken tailbone or concussion. Even if you did not realize until later how seriously you were hurt, you may still have a case. We will aggressively pursue your fair compensation for the medical, economic and personal impact.

To speak with one of our Burlington snow and ice accident attorneys in a free consultation, call Smith Magram Michaud Colonna at 609-589-0649 or email us.