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Burlington SSDI Appeals Attorneys

If you have been (or expect to be) unable to work for at least a year because of a disability, you may qualify for Social Security Disability insurance benefits. Most initial applications are denied. After the initial denial, you have the opportunity to appeal if you can show that the initial denial was inappropriate.

The path to approval of an application for Social Security Disability (SSD) insurance can be full of obstacles. From the time of the initial application until final approval, you case could proceed through the following steps:

  • Request for reconsideration followed by approval or denial
  • Appeal at administrative hearing followed by approval or denial
  • Request for Appeals Council review followed by approval or denial
  • Lawsuit in federal court resulting in approval or denial

At any point along the way, the goal is for a denial to be replaced by approval. A skilled attorney at Smith Magram Michaud Colonna, P.C., is available to analyze your case in search of issues likely to lead to approval through these various levels of appeal.

Contact our law firm to request a free initial consultation regardless of what level of appeal you are ready for. Upon review of all facts and records, our lawyers may appeal on the basis of these or other claims:

  • A decision by SSD reviewers or an administrative law judge (ALJ) was not based on substantial evidence
  • An ALJ did not properly consider reports from your treating physician
  • An ALJ did not consider your accounts of pain
  • A decision did not properly consider a vocational experts’ testimony
  • A decision did not take into account the severity of your disability
  • Some error of law or fact resulted in your denial

At any stage of an appeal, you have the opportunity to present medical records and other types of evidence to substantiate your disability claim. With years of experience and many successful appeals behind us, we are prepared to find relevant facts or substance of your hearing or review that deserves further examination in a hearing or in federal court.

Contact Us — Our Attorneys Appeal Denied Social Security Disability Claims

We welcome the opportunity to review your case in a free initial consultation. Email us or call 609-589-0649 to discuss SSDI appeals and your disability with a lawyer at our Burlington, New Jersey, law offices — or in your home or hospital room if you are unable to travel to us.