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More pedestrian accidents occur after end of daylight savings

As fall ends and the winter months begin, people across the U.S. set their clocks back to usher in the end of daylight savings time. It may not be something that most people would think about, but the end of daylight saving time often means a greater number of pedestrian accidents.

The connection between the end of daylight saving time and pedestrian accidents makes sense. Everyone, including drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians, are accustomed to the sun setting at a particular time. Unfortunately, in many cases, drivers let their guards down and fail to realize that pedestrians and bicyclists will be out and about during their afternoon commutes. Furthermore, in some instances, the time change interferes with individuals’ natural sleep cycles, which can make drivers drowsy while behind the wheel. All these factors lead to a statistically proven increase in pedestrian accidents in the weeks immediately following daylight saving time.

Basic tips to help avoid accidents

Those who know that they will be out on the street after dark, perhaps walking their dogs, going for a run, or simply enjoying the evening after work, can take some basic steps to help ensure that they stay safe:

  • Be sure to put on brightly colored clothing before going out on a walk because darker colors can be difficult to see, particularly during twilight hours.
  • If you know you are likely to be out after dark, it may be a good idea to invest in clothing made of reflective material to ensure that drivers who have their headlights on can see you easily.
  • If your children walk home from after school activities, consider adjusting their schedules so that they can get home before it gets too dark.
  • When the sun begins to go down, take extra care to look both ways at crosswalks, where many pedestrian accidents occur.

Of course, it is also essential that drivers are extra cautious, particularly at crosswalks, to make sure that they see anyone crossing the street in front of them.

Unfortunately, accidents still happen, even in cases where pedestrians do their best to stay safe and be seen by drivers. If you have been severely injured in a pedestrian accident, you may be entitled to compensation for your medical bills, pain and suffering and other expenses. To learn more about your legal options, consider speaking with an experienced personal injury attorney, who can help you understand your rights.