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Tesla plant accident leaves three workers with serious burn injuries

Tesla Motors, a high end, innovative car manufacturer, recently experienced a serious accident in its Fremont, California plant. The accident occurred due to a failure in a low-pressure aluminum casting press. According a report by ABC News, this malfunction led the press to produce hot metal that injured nearby employees.

The workers were sent to a nearby hospital for the treatment of moderate to serious burns, according to Freemont’s Fire Department Captain Daniel Cardenas as stated in an email sent to Bloomberg.

Burn injuries

Exposure to hot metal is not the only cause for serious burns, in addition to fire serious burns can result from exposure to electrical currents, radiation and steam.

The victims are receiving special care as injuries classified as burns require unique treatment. Experts with Mayo Clinic note that a single burn injury can vary in severity. This is because the burn can reach varying depths, injuring the skin at different levels. Some symptoms can help determine the severity of the burn. First-degree burns are often characterized by the presence of redness and pain, second-degree burns can also have swelling, and third – degree burns can lead to the presence of waxy or leathery skin while fourth degree burns can present blackened skin.

Medical professionals recommend a victim seek emergency care if the burn covers large areas, is severe or leads to difficulty breathing. Additional care should also be sought whenever swelling, pain or redness increase, discharge is present or the burn does not heal within several weeks.

Another issue that can arise with burn injuries is the fact that a variety of complications can develop. These can include infections, hypothermia and joint problems. Treatment of these injuries can be expensive, but compensation can be available to help cover these costs in some instances.

Remedies available to burn victims

Depending on the cause of the injury, victims can potentially receive compensation. For example, in the Tesla case, the injured employees will likely receive benefits through a workers’ compensation claim. In other cases a defective product claim or personal injury claim may be more appropriate.

Determining the right course of action to receive funds needed to cover the cost of treatment and hold those responsible for the injury accountable for their actions can be difficult. As a result, it is helpful to contact an experienced burns accident lawyer to discuss your case and better ensure your legal rights and remedies are better protected.