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New Jersey accident shows 1 driver’s actions can impact many

On Behalf of | Apr 2, 2014 | Car Accidents

If you are a New Jersey resident who works in New York, then maybe you were running a bit late to get to the office last Thursday. If so, it might be because of one single driver’s negligence near the Lincoln Tunnel.

Last Thursday morning, one car and two buses were involved in a motor vehicle accident. The specific New Jersey accident might not have resulted in serious injuries, but it still shows how the negligence of one driver threatens the safety of numerous others.

The Star-Ledger reports that during the morning rush hour, a driver veered into a bus lane and collided with a New Jersey Transit bus. Following that initial collision, the car hit a separate bus. Though more than 20 other people got roped into a crash because of the driver’s failure to maintain his lane, they were all reportedly fortunate to not have suffered injuries.

Authorities have cited the driver for his careless driving. Hopefully, the traffic citation will teach him a lesson about respecting the rules of the road and the people who share the roads of New Jersey. Getting that lesson across without someone being severely injured or killed is ideal.

A single act of driver negligence such as veering out of a lane, speeding or rolling through a stop sign can hurt many and cause significant damage. Sometimes, injuries resulting from a crash are not immediately evident. That doesn’t mean no physical or emotional damage has been done. A car accident lawyer can help someone determine whether legal options are right for them and their recovery.

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