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2 years after drugged-driving crash, man sentenced to prison

On Behalf of | May 7, 2014 | Car Accidents

Victims in motor vehicle accidents want justice to be served — and it’s hard to blame them. After all, after suffering severe car accident injuries as a result of another driver’s negligence, or seeing a family member suffer those injuries, the thirst for an appropriate punishment for the perpetrator is palpable. It may take some time, however, for that thirst to be quenched.

A nearly two-year-old criminal case against a man from Oak Ridge has now been wrapped up with the man being sentenced to a five-year prison term for his role in causing a car accident. According to officials, the man was under the influence of narcotics when he struck a minivan and critically injured two brothers, ages 17 and 15, who were both in the front seat of their vehicle.

The driver fled the scene of the accident; when police apprehended him, he said it was because he was on parole and was driving on a suspended driver’s license — not exactly valid reasons for his actions. The arresting officer said he saw numerous injection marks on both of the man’s arms; four bags of heroin were also taken at the scene.

Criminal cases and civil cases in regard to the same accident do not necessarily follow parallel paths. However, it could take a similar length of time to receive compensation for people who have been injured in a motor vehicle crash. It may be necessary to have patience; having an experienced attorney can help to guide people through the process.

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