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How to mitigate financial damage after a crash

On Behalf of | Apr 22, 2015 | Car Accidents

New Jersey motorists may be interested in learning more about what do to when they become involved in an accident caused by another party. Even though each motorist is responsible for contacting their own insurer, the driver who is apparently at fault may be reluctant to do so. If the crash is caused by the other driver, motorists are advised to obtain vital information and take pictures as evidence for filing a claim.

Acquiring the driver’s address, insurance policy information and witness statements may be imperative for anyone injured or suffering damages from an accident caused by another person. Some insurers offer policyholders mobile apps that enable drivers to document the aftermath of a car accident. There are also checklists and free apps designed to help motorists collect pertinent information immediately after a crash.

Local police and individual insurers compile their own accounts when determining fault in causing a crash. The insurer’s report typically involves a review of physical evidence, the police report, and statements from the drivers and other witnesses. However, the insurer and police reports may express contrasting conclusions.

It may be important to note that some policyholders may be required to receive approval from the other insurer’s appraiser before any repairs can be covered without causing further complications. In addition, speaking with another driver’s insurance company after the accident is typically referred to a third-party claim.

Anyone suffering injuries from a car accident might benefit from consulting legal counsel. Lawyers may be prepared to investigate the car crash and help identify any of the parties who could be found liable for the ensuing damages. Plaintiffs filing personal injury claims might be entitled to receive restitution for loss of income, medical expenses and repair costs that are attributable to a wreck caused by the defendant.