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Injury Claims Against Governmental Bodies

Public Entities Have A Duty To Your Safety, Too

Do you have legal recourse if you are injured because of a dangerous condition on public property? Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, especially a public official or insurance adjuster. Under New Jersey law, accident victims have the same right to sue a public entity for negligence as they would any private property owner.

However … there are special procedures and a shorter time frame to bring such claims. It is important to act quickly and hire an experienced lawyer. The Burlington law firm of Smith Magram Michaud Colonna, P.C., has a long history of successful advocacy in claims against municipalities and other government entities.

Take action before the time limit expires! It breaks our heart to tell a seriously injured person that the statutory deadline has passed and there is nothing we can do. You must give notice within 90 days of your slip-and-fall injury claim. Call us today.

Compensation For Slip-And-Fall Accidents On Public Property

While public employees and elected officials have some immunity from lawsuits, government entities are fair game. They have a strong duty to the safety of the members of the public they serve. Our attorneys can assess and pursue your possible claims against a municipality, school district, county or the state of New Jersey.

We handle slip-and-falls on public property relating to:

  • Building code violations (stair treads, drop-offs)
  • Fire code violations (obstructed walkways)
  • Tripping hazards (uneven sidewalks, potholes)
  • Slipping hazards (leaking water, waxed floors)
  • Broken stairs or railings
  • Snow and ice accumulations

A slip-and-fall claim requires lasting injury and evidence that the proprietors were notified of the problem or should have discovered it through regular maintenance. A claim is strongest when public employees created the hazard or willfully ignored it despite complaints or prior accidents.

We work quickly to document the hazardous condition and the injuries. We talk to witnesses and research maintenance logs, inspection reports, as well as similar injury claims or code violations. Throughout the process, we keep clients informed of the legal proceedings.

We Welcome Your Premises Liability Case

Some attorneys do not handle injury claims against government entities. Smith Magram Michaud Colonna, P.C., believes that any citizen deserves justice if they were injured by the negligence of public employees. We welcome all injury cases, from fractures and back injuries to slip-and-falls and trip-and-falls resulting in severe or permanent injuries.

We invite you to contact us for a free initial consultation. We can come to you if you cannot travel to our law office. Our firm takes cases in Burlington County, Camden County and throughout southern New Jersey. Call 609-589-0649 or contact us online.