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Were You Injured As A Passenger in Burlington?

We Can Explain Where You Stand And Pursue Your Claims

Everything about an accident is different for a person in the passenger seat or back seat. Passengers commonly suffer different injuries. Insurance coverage can be tricky. An injured passenger may be treated as a witness as well as a victim, or may end up in the awkward scenario of suing a friend or relative.

It is important to get solid legal counsel if you or your child was injured as a passenger. The law firm of Smith Magram Michaud Colonna, P.C., handles auto accidents in Burlington County, Camden County and throughout South Jersey. You can count on our experienced attorneys for guidance and strong advocacy.

Protect Your Rights As A Passenger
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Injuries To Passengers In New Jersey Auto Accidents

Your available recoveries may depend on who was at fault, who was insured and other specifics of the case. Passengers could be covered under their own driver’s auto policy, the other vehicle’s insurance, their own auto insurance or their family’s homeowner insurance. We can sit down with you to help you understand your rights and options for your scenario:

  • A friend or co-worker was driving and you got hurt.
  • A member of your household was driving.
  • Your child was injured while riding with another family or a relative.
  • You were the passenger in a work-related accident.
  • You were the passenger of an unlicensed or uninsured driver.

Passengers often suffer broken bones, spinal injuries or broken bones when they take the brunt of a T-bone or rear-end collision. We work to make sure our clients are fully compensated for past and future medical care and lost earnings, any permanent disability or disfigurement, and pain and suffering.

We have represented adults and children injured as passengers in car accidents and motorcycle accidents. We have also recovered wrongful death damages for families whose loved one was killed as a passenger.

If Your Driver Was At Fault
Are you reluctant to sue the driver of the car you were riding in? Unfortunately, it may be a necessary step even if it creates hard feelings. Remember, the actual compensation is paid from their insurance policy.

Pickup Passengers More Likely Than Drivers To Get Hurt Or Die

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has been complementing its driver-side crash tests with the testing of passenger sides. Focusing on newer two-row pickup trucks, the IIHS has found a discrepancy between driver safety and passenger safety of which New Jersey residents should be aware.

After crash-testing 10 pickups, the IIHS rated the driver-side performance as “good” for all but two vehicles, the Toyota Tundra and the Nissan Frontier. However, these two vehicles received the rating of “marginal,” not the lowest one of “poor.” The results were drastically different for passenger-side performance.

In the event that passengers are injured in a car accident, they must file for benefits with their own insurance company. This is because New Jersey is a no-fault state. Therefore, a personal injury claim can only be filed in cases involving another party’s negligence and either the incurring of permanent injuries or death. Injured passengers may file against the driver they were riding with, the driver of the other vehicle or both. Having legal assistance may be a good idea.

Sit Down With Proven Professionals

With more than 100 years of combined experience, our personal injury lawyers know how to investigate the accident and identify insurance coverages.

It costs nothing to have your claim evaluated. If we take your case, there are no attorney fees unless we recover compensation. Call us toll free at 609-589-0649 or contact us online. Our office is in Burlington, or we can travel to your hospital or home.