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New Jersey Traumatic Brain Injury Attorneys

No one understands the impact of a traumatic brain injury (TBI) as fully as a victim and his or her close family members do. Regardless of the severity or type of traumatic brain injury you have suffered, attorneys at Smith Magram Michaud Colonna, P.C., consider you the most important expert in your case. For this reason, we will take the necessary time and effort to get to know you and your family if we represent you after a car accident, fall accident or other accident.

We are prepared to work closely with you to determine and document ways in which your catastrophic injury has affected your ability to work and enjoy life. As your case warrants, we will gather medical records and testimony from physicians and experts such as a neuropsychologist.

Representing People Affected By Traumatic Brain Injuries Ranging From Mild To Severe

The severity of a brain injury can fall at any point of a spectrum of severity, ranging from mild to severe. Even a mild brain injury can result in significant loss of quality of life. People recovering from or living with the effects of a brain injury often show signs of:

  • Inability to concentrate
  • Ongoing pain or discomfort
  • Mood swings
  • Personality changes
  • Physical symptoms such as blurry vision or vertigo

More severe brain injuries may leave sufferers unable to care for themselves. The most severe can end up in prolonged comas or a permanent vegetative state. An accurate prognosis is fundamental to a successful injury claim or lawsuit based on a traumatic brain injury (TBI).

Serious Brain Injuries Often An Aftermath of Car Accidents

Although there are many dangers in the world, the one that is probably most likely to affect the average person is a car accident. During 2013 alone, about 2.3 million people across the country were injured in car accidents. According to the New Jersey Department of transportation, 60,705 out of the total 283,115 car accidents in the state during the same time resulted in someone being injured.

When an injury results from a car accident, it can vary in degree of seriousness. While some people are lucky to suffer cuts or bruises that will heal in a couple of weeks, the less fortunate are left with serious and life-long injuries. Among the most serious injuries is a traumatic brain injury or TBI. In fact, car accidents are the second leading cause of this type of injury (falls are the top cause).

In car accidents, TBIs result from the great force caused by the collision of the motor vehicle with an outside object. During the collision, the force can cause a vehicle occupant’s head to hit the dashboard, steering wheel, window, seat back or other object. During this time, the force of the impact causes the occupant’s brain to make contact with the inside of the skull. If the brain hits the skull hard enough, it can result in a TBI.

The symptoms of a TBI vary, depending on how serious the injury is. According to the Mayo Clinic, TBI sufferers can develop symptoms immediately or several weeks after the accident. If a mild form of TBI develops, the symptoms can include dizziness, headaches, confusion, inability to concentrate or blurred vision. More serious forms of TBI have more serious symptoms such as nausea, loss of coordination, numbness, seizures or memory difficulties.

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