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Burlington NJ Construction Accident Lawyers

The Burlington law firm of Smith Magram Michaud Colonna, P.C., represents injured construction workers in South Jersey and Central New Jersey. Our certified specialist attorney and support team will pursue your workers’ compensation benefits and any personal injury claims you may have against third parties.

If your workers’ comp claim has been denied or if you just want someone to advocate for you in this complex and adversarial legal process, contact us today. We represent carpenters, roofers, electricians, plumbers and anyone in the construction and remodeling trades.

Representing Injured Construction Workers In New Jersey

By law, New Jersey employers must provide wage benefits and free medical coverage for a work-related injury, without regard to fault. Yet construction workers often face obstacles when seeking medical treatment or claiming a long-term disability.

We understand the construction industry and the range of injuries common on construction sites. Our legal team has handled all types of construction accident claims:

  • Falls from roofs or heights
  • Ladder or scaffolding fall
  • Power tool injuries
  • Heavy equipment accidents (cranes, forklifts, skid loaders, excavators)
  • Traffic accidents on duty
  • Falling objects or flying debris
  • Structural collapse
  • Electrical shock (exposed wiring, power lines)
  • Pursuing All Sources Of Compensation

Improving Safety Issues At A Construction Site

Construction work is a dangerous and demanding occupation, not only because of the hazards involved, but also because of soaring temperatures that can lead to a heat stroke or even death. Therefore, New Jersey construction companies should make safety education a priority.

New Jersey summers can be extremely hot and humid, and thus employers should make sure their employees are taking regular breaks to keep well hydrated. In addition to providing fresh, cold water at the construction work site, it can also be beneficial to offer shifts around the times of the day when the temperatures are the hottest, such as early morning. They might even consider allowing employees to take on overnight shifts, as long as they provide plenty of lighting.

Other ways construction companies can reduce work-related injuries is to empower their workers to take charge of safety at the work site. This is done when the company emphasizes safety as its core value and provides clear information about how to do a job in the safest way possible. Safety is promoted when employees are kept informed about issues that affect them, as well. Employers who clearly explain what is expected from each worker and who include them in company reviews and plans are encouraging workers to make workplace safety a key issue. Employers can also work to make sure each employee knows about the values the company holds, and that he or she fully understands how the company’s objectives match corporate goals.

Construction Falls Key Source Of Workplace Injuries

New Jersey construction workers deal with some of the most dangerous jobs available, especially when working at heights. In statistics released by Nationwide Insurance, the company noted that it has processed over 10,000 workers compensation claims related to construction accidents in the last five years. Of these claims, falls from elevated surfaces were one of the most frequent and expensive sources of workplace injuries.

Nationwide Insurance noted that over 30 percent of its workers compensation claims in the construction industry are related to falls from heights. The insurance company is supporting a nationwide program to help reduce the number of falls on the job. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration sponsors a week-long “Stand-Down To Prevent Falls in Construction” each year that includes sharing safety best practices to help employers create a safer environment and avoid workplace injuries.

Falls from elevated locations can be among the most expensive workers compensation claims because they lead to longer periods of time away from the job, injuries to multiple parts of the body and, often, the use of short- and long-term disability leave. While workers are often well-aware of the risks of heights, safety events on the job can draw attention to particular hazards.

Construction companies that want to reduce workplace injuries can develop written policies and reduce the use of unstable elevation mechanisms like ladders, using safer options instead. In addition, regular inspection and repair of work site equipment can help avoid injuries caused by falls from defective lifts and scaffolds. The use of additional protective gear, guardrails and materials lifts can also help avoid severe injuries.

In addition to your workers’ compensation claim, you may have grounds to sue third parties who contributed to an accident. While you can’t sue your employer or co-workers, you could have a product liability claim or a negligence claim against a subcontractor, property owner or a motorist or bystander who is not in your chain of employment.

Trial lawyer Edward Magram is certified by the New Jersey Supreme Court as a workers’ compensation specialist, reflecting his legal knowledge, courtroom abilities and 30 years of focused experience. You are in good hands with our legal team, as we are committed and capable in maximizing your benefits and safeguarding your rights.

We offer a free initial consultation, including home or hospital visits for those who are too injured to travel. Call our Burlington construction accident attorneys toll free at 609-589-0649 or email us.